The Environmental Permitting & Compliance Lawyers from Celli and Associates have a long and proven record of accomplishment when representing a client with a compliance issue.

Pennsylvania Regulatory Compliance Lawyers

The Federal, State, and Local governments have established a very clear set of laws and guidelines for all to adhere to as they relate to the environment and real estate.

Whether you have been charged with a failure to comply violation or are attempting to comply with established guidelines, specifications, or legislation, our legal experts have the answers to all of your questions. Do not wait until your compliance situation has spiraled out of control before turning to a professional for support.

Our daily life is filled with enough stress as it is and you do not need to add to your stress level with compliance issues. You will improve your chances of complying with codes if you utilize the legal services of Celli and Associates' environmental permitting & compliance lawyers from the start.

Celli and Associates help Philadelphia Clients solve Real Estate Disputes

Real Estate Law can be a complicated area to do business in without the help of a seasoned professional. Celli and Associates' legal experts possess the skills and experience necessary to meet all of the Real Estate needs of their Philadelphia Metropolitan Area clients.

Our environmental permitting lawyers offer Legal aid is offered in the following areas:

  • Real Estate Law
  • Real Estate Zoning Law
  • Easements
  • Real Estate Dispute Resolution

Although many of the Real Estate areas are complex, we at Celli and Associates believe that the most frustrating aspect of the Real Estate Industry comes about when a dispute exists between two or more parties. Allowing Real Estate Disputes to fester will only complicate matters and all parties involved should move to find common ground with which a fair dispute resolution can be reached. Contracting the right environmental compliance lawyer will definitely facilitate a quick resolution for all involved.

Local Company requests assistance from Celli and Associates for Real Estate Zoning Issues

A large manufacturing company in Suburban Philadelphia ran into major roadblocks when they recently applied for zoning variances for their much needed expansion project. Rather than complaining about the situation, their executive administrator searched for a local firm with Pennsylvania Environmental Permitting & Compliance Lawyers who are experienced in all facets of Zoning Law to represent their interest. The search ended when they were introduced to the legal experts at Celli and Associates who together, had over 35 years of experience dealing with Real Estate Zoning and Easement issues.

Anyone dealing with real estate issue should take a page out of this manufacturing company's book and position him or herself alongside the best legal representation available and that is the #1 agency in the Philadelphia area, Celli and Associates. If you want the best results, you must employ the best, most experienced professionals to assure you or your organization complies with all government-established guidelines for issue related area.

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    We are a Pennsylvania based law practice with a primary focus on real estate law specialties including home sales, workouts, landlord tenant issues, and loan modifications. We are one of the top firms in PA for both commercial and residential issues.

  • Bankruptcy Law

    Our legal services are pertinent to a bankruptcy when property is involved. We have experience in "Chapter 7" or liquidation bankruptcy as well as "Chapter 13" where a repayment plan needs to be structured and initiated.

  • Estate Planning

    If you own property, you need our estate planning services. While no one wants to think about death or disability so establishing your estate plan is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your assets and your family.

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