Tax Lien Help

When times are tough, residents of the Philadelphia area turn to the real estate lien attorneys at Celli and Associates for help.

Real Estate Tax Lien Resolution for PA Homeowners

Within the last three years, the number of homeowners experiencing trouble paying their monthly bills has increased exponentially. Now, more than ever, people find themselves in the middle of a dilemma. Should they continue to put food on the table for their family, or should they pay their monthly mortgage, utility, and service bills. Most often, society chooses to meet the immediate needs of their family and they forego paying their monthly obligations.

Eventually, creditors come a calling and will continue to hound a person until they pay all outstanding monies owed to the creditor or until the creditor places a lien against a person's property. When this happens, it is in the best interest of the individual who has a judgment against them to hire one of the professional real estate lien attorneys at Celli and Associates Real Estate Law to help them manage the problems that lie ahead.

Our Real Estate Lien Attorneys in Pennsylvania Can Help You Get a Lien Released

With the right person on your team, an amiable solution to your real estate problems can most often be reached. The Real Estate Lien Attorneys from the office of Celli and Associates have the right men and women for the job.

Our legal experts can help facilitate a positive outcome when a client needs the help of the following:

  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Real Estate Bankruptcy Attorney
  • General Community Legal Services
  • Real Estate Transaction Attorneys
  • Short Sale Real Estate Attorneys

Do not just sit back and wait for something bad to happen , take a proactive approach to your difficult real estate situation and hire an attorney from the office of Celli and Associates to assist you every step of your journey to be lien or judgment free. If you want the best results, you must employ the best Community Legal Service available.

Our Real Estate Bankruptcy Attorneys Help Clients Build a Foreclosure Defense when Necessary

The words bankruptcy and foreclosure are scary to everyone except the legal experts at Celli and Associates. Our real estate lien attorneys are trained in all aspects of representing/defending clients involved in bankruptcy dealings. In addition, many clients who are in the throes of bankruptcy have been dancing with the lenders about foreclosure on their commercial or residential real estate or both.

Do not waste your time by trying to go the distance alone, the Foreclosure Defense, Short Sale, and Bankruptcy Attorneys from Celli and Associates have been down this road before and are ready, willing, and able to assist you every step along your complex real estate and financial process.

  • Real Estate Law

    We are a Pennsylvania based law practice with a primary focus on real estate law specialties including home sales, workouts, landlord tenant issues, and loan modifications. We are one of the top firms in PA for both commercial and residential issues.

  • Bankruptcy Law

    Our legal services are pertinent to a bankruptcy when property is involved. We have experience in "Chapter 7" or liquidation bankruptcy as well as "Chapter 13" where a repayment plan needs to be structured and initiated.

  • Estate Planning

    If you own property, you need our estate planning services. While no one wants to think about death or disability so establishing your estate plan is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your assets and your family.

  • Foreclosure Law

    We represent clients in bankruptcy and mortgage foreclosure cases in Philadelphia and the entire southeast Pennsylvania area. We make a difficult process manageable and work together with you, the banks, and the lenders to stop foreclosure and keep your home.

  • Probate Attorney

    We offer legal help with probate cases including providing superior counsel and representation during the probate administration process. We work with the executors, trustees, and the families of those who have died with no estate plan in place.

  • Property Law

    We are focused on your legal representation throughout all real estate transactions. Buying and selling real estate can be complex. We make the process easier and break down the complex documents so you understand your rights and responsibilities.

  • Wills & Trusts

    Proper planning against the inevitable will save your family time and money after you have passed. We handle all aspects of your estate and get your wills & trusts in order to make sure your family is protected and taxes are kept to a minimum.

  • Closing Services

    We are full service real estate lawyers and offer a comprehensive approach to closing that includes title and escrow, credit reports, appraisals and more. Using our law firm during closing when you are selling your home offers significant cost savings.

  • Residential Law

    We offer a very effective style of legal council for anyone involved in residential disputes as well as residential real estate buyers and sellers. Our residential specialties include acquisitions & sales, eviction hearings, tenant disputes, and collections.

  • Commercial Law

    Our firm can handle contract negotiations and large scale legal representation for commercial real estate proceedings. We have experience in retail leasing, declarations of easements, land use & zoning restrictions, and environmental compliance.