Our Legal Services

We are committed to providing every client the very best representation available, and offer a wide variety of real estate legal services, including:

  • Landlord / Tenant Lawyers - For tenants who are having trouble with their landlord, their lease, or housing; as well as those who have yet to become tenants and want a professional to review their lease before signing.
  • Residential Real Estate - For current homeowners, prospective home buyers, and those looking to sell a residential property, we can help with any real estate transaction.
  • Mortgage Attorneys - For those who need a lawyer for mortgage modification, negotiating a new mortgage, or help negotiating a short sale of their current property.
  • Commercial Real Estate - Our commercial real estate lawyers provide assistance with developing commercial real estate contracts, zoning issues, easement clauses, commercial real estate taxation, and more.
  • Eviction Attorneys - We provide assistance to tenants who are being evicted by their landlords, or who are currently at risk of being evicted.
  • Landlord Lawyer Services - Our landlord lawyers guide clients in evicting tenants, seeking compensation from former tenants for damages to their property, leasing disputes, and more.
  • Property Lawyers - We assist both buyers and sellers in all types of real estate transaction or deal, including short sales, leasing contracts, zoning issues, and real estate transfers.
  • Eminent Domain Proceedings - Is your property the subject of a eminent domain action? Our eminent domain lawyers can help you defend against, or get the most compensation from, eminent domain proceedings.
  • Real Estate Tax Attorneys - Real estate investors come to us for professional tax assistance. Our real estate tax lawyers ensure accurate tax planning, preparation, and audit representation.
  • Transactional Real Estate - Whenever you are buying or selling a property, our real estate transaction attorneys can guide you through to the end of the settlement process.
  • Land Use Attorneys - We help commercial and residential clients with land use issues, such as zoning regulations, easement, eminent domain, and more.
  • Environmental Permitting & Compliance - Our staff can assist you in securing all of the permits required for your business to move forward, while also ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Municipal Lawyers - We provide municipal legal representation in Pennsylvania for municipalities in the Philadelphia region.
  • Zoning & Land Development - While zoning regulations frequently stand in the way of business plans, our zoning lawyers can help in seeking variances, rezoning, and acquiring permits.
  • Short Sales & Foreclosures - When faced with foreclosure, our foreclosure lawyers can help you evaluate your available options. We are also experienced in negotiating short sales on our clients' behalf.
  • Loan Modification Attorney - Our loan and mortgage modification lawyers can negotiate with your lender on your behalf.
  • Real Estate Lien - The real estate lien removal attorneys at Celli and Associates are experienced in fixing clients real estate issues and bringing about a quick removal of liens from their property.
  • Real Estate Fraud - Whether you are accused of real estate fraud or have been defrauded, our dedicated real estate fraud lawyers have the specialized knowledge required by your case.
  • Probate Attorneys - We help clients execute the estates of their loved ones who have passed on. The probate lawyers at our firm serve our clients with professionalism and respect.
  • Estate Planning - Ensure your loved ones are provided for after you are gone. Consult with our estate planning attorneys today.

Please select from our list of real estate legal services to the right, or contact us for more information.

  • Real Estate Law

    We are a Pennsylvania based law practice with a primary focus on real estate law specialties including home sales, workouts, landlord tenant issues, and loan modifications. We are one of the top firms in PA for both commercial and residential issues.

  • Bankruptcy Law

    Our legal services are pertinent to a bankruptcy when property is involved. We have experience in "Chapter 7" or liquidation bankruptcy as well as "Chapter 13" where a repayment plan needs to be structured and initiated.

  • Estate Planning

    If you own property, you need our estate planning services. While no one wants to think about death or disability so establishing your estate plan is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your assets and your family.

  • Foreclosure Law

    We represent clients in bankruptcy and mortgage foreclosure cases in Philadelphia and the entire southeast Pennsylvania area. We make a difficult process manageable and work together with you, the banks, and the lenders to stop foreclosure and keep your home.

  • Probate Attorney

    We offer legal help with probate cases including providing superior counsel and representation during the probate administration process. We work with the executors, trustees, and the families of those who have died with no estate plan in place.

  • Property Law

    We are focused on your legal representation throughout all real estate transactions. Buying and selling real estate can be complex. We make the process easier and break down the complex documents so you understand your rights and responsibilities.

  • Wills & Trusts

    Proper planning against the inevitable will save your family time and money after you have passed. We handle all aspects of your estate and get your wills & trusts in order to make sure your family is protected and taxes are kept to a minimum.

  • Closing Services

    We are full service real estate lawyers and offer a comprehensive approach to closing that includes title and escrow, credit reports, appraisals and more. Using our law firm during closing when you are selling your home offers significant cost savings.

  • Residential Law

    We offer a very effective style of legal council for anyone involved in residential disputes as well as residential real estate buyers and sellers. Our residential specialties include acquisitions & sales, eviction hearings, tenant disputes, and collections.

  • Commercial Law

    Our firm can handle contract negotiations and large scale legal representation for commercial real estate proceedings. We have experience in retail leasing, declarations of easements, land use & zoning restrictions, and environmental compliance.